The Hard Facts Behind Soft Water

There are many benefits of soft water.

Better Dishwasher Performance

  • Up to 70% savings in detergent usage
  • More effective at soil removal
  • 6 times more effective at reducing spotting

Brighter Clothes, Less Detergent

  • Stain removal performance improves at lower temperatures
  • Uses 60% less detergent for better stain removal

Improved Water Heater Efficiency

  • Hard water can decrease efficiency by up to 48%
  • Soft water saves 40-57% on operating costs
  • Helps maintain efficiency throughout the rated lifespan of the water heater

Longer-Lasting Showerheads and Fixtures

  • Maintains flow capacity and faucet finish for longer
  • Hard water tested to reduce flow rate by 75% in less than 18 months

City-Supplied Water Is Almost Always Hard Water

We Can Help With Hard Water Problems