HP Twin – ProMate 7.0


The ProMate 7.0 significantly reduces monthly Salt, Water and Energy cost

This is the Hellenbrand ProMate 7.0 Dual-Tank Premium water softening system.   This high-performance system is designed for both city and well water and optimized to provide a continuous supply of perfectly balanced water for all of your household needs.  We call this Aqualibrium ™.

What Better Water Softening Means To You

  • Healthier Skin and Hair — use less shampoo and conditioner, skin is less dry
  • Reduce Energy Costs — prevents scale build-up in your water heater, which decreases efficiency and water heater life.
  • Stops Discoloration and Staining — eliminates hard water stains and reduces rust deposits.
  • Prolong Appliance, Plumbing & Fixture Life — your plumbing system lasts longer and your repair costs are reduced over their lifetime when compared to hard water systems.
  • Household Improvements — your dishes will be cleaner and your clothes will stay brighter for longer.

Superior Flow Technology

Hellenbrand’s unique technology consists of a distribution plate that has 56% more surface area on 10” diameter systems than standard systems with a cone type distributor, and runs the full width of the tank diameter for significantly improved

  • Improved resin bed expansion in backwash provides better cleaning of the resin bed. 
  • Less water is required to regenerate.
  • Premium 10% Resin

We use premium 10% cross linked resin vs. most of our competitors that use 8% or less.

What does this mean?

  • 10% resin is used in many commercial applications, because it is stronger, and lasts longer. It resists mushing and jelling from chemicals and physical breakdown.
  • Damaged resin means you will use more salt and waste more water when recharging the resin for softening.
  • You also have better pressure over the life of your softener

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