Iron Curtain 2.0

The ProMate 6.0 Iron Curtain 2.0 water softening system is a Twin Tank System providing a Chemical Free Option for Iron and Sulfur/Rotten Egg Odor.

  • Iron Curtain 2-0Patented Technology exclusive to Hellenbrand and able to be designed to handle flow rates from 5gpm to 800gpm
  • Industry reputation as a rugged, reliable workhorse to remove iron, rust and odor
  • Chemical free process
  • Twin tank designed to handle higher flow rates versus a single tank design
  • Water using appliances are more efficient and last longer
  • Powerful digital display with user-friendly electronics
  • Customize settings to your family’s needs
  • Aeration recharge on demand
  • Variable reserve automatically adjust to your changing water usage
  • Full flow bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water softener
  • Back-lit display make it easy to read and alerts you of system malfunctions
  • Corrosion resistant control valve body and tanks for a longer life